How to start designing and not “just writing”

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 6:00 PM CEST

Leila will talk about her own, personal journey in getting taken more seriously as a content designer – instead of being seen as “just the writer”. Thanks to 5+ years of working with UX/UI experts on countless projects for various clients, she knows a lot about the development process of digital products. In this talk, she aims to use her experience to motivate other “writers” to 1. understand themselves as designers and 2. establish themselves as (content) designers and thus sit at the table with co-workers and clients right from the start and at eye level.


With a background in communication and psychology and a diploma in UX writing from a renowned Swedish school, Leila knows how important language is when making apps or websites more user-friendly. It’s about much more than just words. At work, Leila makes “content” an integral part of the design process, thinking about requirements and features with a wide range of stakeholders and users.


Virtual door opening will be at 18:00 Swiss time (CEST). We’ll have Leila’s talk, followed by Q&A and a round (or two) of speed networking for those who want to stay around.

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